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Friday, May 16, 2008


It was one of those days..that i look forward to..very eagerly..When my Hubby would volunteer to sell beverages during the King william Fair..and i would go around tasting food sold in small Shops Lined all the way in Downtown San antonio....It reminded me of the days when i visited the exhibitions in chennai as a small girl..
They had fabulous food,completely diversified a perfect combination of mexican food, which i just love, English food and what not...Good music and Dance,and Gemstone Jewlery (just Gorgeous), paintings and wood models..I bought one of those cute little wooden plane so my hubby can adorn his desk with.. What more can u ask..??
I looked around for the longest Queue and my eyes spotted the longest queue in the Kabab shop..They had Beautiful shrimp kakab and juicy Chicken Kabab..While i waited patiently ..my eyes were transfixed on the chef doing his job dutifuly..yet profusely sweating from the heat of the hot open open..The recipe seemed simple..He was doing it rite before me and i didnt waste any time but captured the moments..And it was time for me to pick up my chicken Kabab..which was served with a flour tortilla..how Perfect? and a nice idea rite???I just enjoyed every bite of it..
A week passed by..i remmebered the kabab..tried it on my kitchen oven and yea..it did come out great..I would recommend this for any size Party..since its just simple to make and remember to serve it with a warm tortilla..
Here's the link to the fair..if anyone around Texas wants to party next year..

  1. CHICKEN - 1/2 pound

  2. Red onion - 1 Diced into big chunks

  3. Mushrooms - 1/2 cup (Each diced into 2)

  4. Red/Green Bellpepper - 1/2 cup (diced into big chunks)

  5. WINE / BEER - 3 Spoons

  6. Salt - to Taste

  7. Chilli Powder - 1/2 Spoon

  8. Pepper Powder - 1/2 Spoon

  9. Oil - 3 Spoons

  10. Mccormick Seasoning -ALL SPICY

  11. Mccormick Lemon Seasoning

  12. Mccormick Garlic Seasoning


  1. Wash the cut the Chicken into Big Cubes

  2. Soak the Skewers in water..

  3. Toss in the chicken,Mushroom,Onion, Red/Green Pepper into a bowl ..

  4. Add Wine/Beer,Chilli ,pepper powder,salt,lemon season,Garlic Seasoning and mix...

  5. Now Thread the chicken,Mushroom,Onion, Red/Green Pepper to the skewers..

  6. Place it on the baking tray.

  7. Preheat oven to 350 deg..

  8. Turn oven settings to broil...

  9. Place the tray on the top most row..

  10. After 10 mins..turn it over to allow the other side of chicken and vegetables ..and allow it to cook.

  11. Remove from Oven and Sprinkle Mccormick Seasoning -ALL SPICY ..

  12. U can also drizzle some Hot Sauce and Serve..

  13. Go creative and Sprinkle ur favourite Seasoning...

  14. If the Seasoning is unavailable...Just Drizzle some Lemon Juice and serve..


Badri said...

Hey my name is Madhu, accessing from my husbands ID (Badri), I view your postings often and I like your recepies. will let you know when I try and taste them personally :-)

Nithya said...

Thanks for Visiting Madhu..U will definitly Love this kabab..Also its quite simple too..

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